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MadH3AD means be different

"We´re all mad here." - Alice in the wonderland

Photographed by Sean Dalton in Thailand

My artist name is MadH3AD, and I am also known as Niko Grabow. I am a young, skilled Designer from Germany. 

After finishing my education as Print/Graphic & Web designer I wanted to take a different path and so  I followed my passion to travel and explore the world. The people, projects, challenges and experiences on my way have refined my skills as a Designer and Problem Solver.

A path what made me think...I learned and understood and so I picked my artist-name. This name alone already says a lot - “MadH3AD”. Yes, mad, but it means for me to go my own way. Exploring new things and working on a lot different projects was my main task for the last years and my education make me able to work on the most Design-task which are coming up for a company. Therefore we´re able to find a resolution for the most problems together.

Now just a few of my personal skills: human interaction, quick learning and transformability. As well I am a fluent speaker of German and English.

You got a idea now?!

If not here just a few ideas to catch you a bit. "Do you plan to establishing your own company?""Do you plan to organise a party or even better a festival?""You are looking for a personal gift ?"

ASKING me is for FREE. I’m looking forward to getting to know the crazy ideas you come up with and I hope we solve a challenge together in the future. Until then and with a smile

Your Niko, “MadH3AD”